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We value our clients

Our clients are either monthly or quarterly clients where we handle all aspects of their communication needs for a pre-established fee. Services we offer our clients include but are not limited to preparing sales presentations, updating employee manuals, and creating and maintaining a dynamic private or public web site. Periodic work also includes distributing public relation materials, creating required regulatory documents (SEC, HR, etc.), preparing specialty trade show material and continuous search engine optimization on public websites such as Google or Yahoo.

Our typical client is one who has more than 35 employees but less than 150 and is not in the public advertising space (meaning, our clients do not advertise their services using newspaper, radio, or TV but do need to begin establishing and promoting their company).

An alternate group of clients are comprised of either a company smaller than 35 employees or a department in a larger company. For instance, we often prepare human resource materials or specialty intranet sites for departments of larger companies.

What should you conclude from the above information? We’re upfront on how we charge, we’ll tell you if we are unable to do something, and we work to streamline our process so you will always know who to compliment (or blame!) when a project is complete. You might say we’re communication experts in working with our clients.