A Promise Made...

A promise made is a promise kept. Phone calls are returned, deadlines are met, and work does not come to a grinding halt when someone is out sick or on vacation. Grafique is a team dedicated to making your business successful.


Our years of experience and available resources provide us the insight and abilities to work at all levels of your organization from employee newsletters to presentations for the board of directors.

Creativity Without Compromise

The last thing you should do is cater to the ego of a designer. We provide suggestions, but will always treat our clients with courtesy and respect.


No Surprises! When we take on a client, we take the relationship personally by taking pride in producing quality, creative work, delivering on time, and meeting YOUR budget. Our goal is to have no surprises.

Not What You Want to Hear

We listen and use your best ideas, but we're not afraid to present our own ideas, and at times, tell you what you may not want to hear.

Size Doesn’t Matter. Competence Does.

Professional communication makes the difference between being small and acting small. With more than 10 years of experience, Grafique works with you to deliver professional communication expertise to your clients, prospects, employees and investors for your business.

Why is professional communication so important? Professional communication builds and maintains your credibility by conveying a consistent image through every form of communication. Successful communication is not based on size but on organization and attention to details. We help clients organize and hone their ideas for presenting a professional image and then we ensure the consistency of that image.

As a small company, you have several options for controlling your communication: do nothing (expensive), hire employees (expensive), retain freelancers for projects (typically unreliable and inconsistent), or call Grafique. Grafique is your in-house communication specialist except we’re not in-house. Get the same value without the dedicated costs.

If you think your organization could do better in any of these areas — we should talk.

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Call today to schedule an introductory meeting with our team. 770-407-6552. We’re what you need, when you need it.

Latest Work

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